Human but Godly

 Jesus leads the way for humanity to live in godliness.


We do not know much information about Jesus’ early life before He started His ministry at the age of thirty.  Every year we read about the birth of Jesus at Christmas and then we have a snap shot of Him visiting the temple in Jerusalem when He was twelve.  Other than that, we do not hear much about Jesus’ life. 


Luke 2:52 tells us what happened between the ages of twelve and thirty.  “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”  The verse before that states, that Jesus was subject to his parent’s authority.  Jesus being the oldest in His family had certain responsibilities that needed to be fulfilled.  Those missing eighteen years were years of learning, growing and being responsible with family obligations.

When God was ready for Jesus to start His ministry, Jesus was ready and prepared to go.


When we read about the three and a half years of Jesus’ ministry, we definitely see His humanness and godliness.  Jesus was tempted and tried, laughed and cried, but He still remained true to His heavenly Father.

We too can be true to our heavenly Father if we learn from the example of Jesus’ life.


When a person realizes that he has sin in his life and asks Jesus to forgive him for his sins that person’s sins are forgiven and God’s Holy Spirit enters into his heart.  It is the Holy Spirit of God that can and will give each individual what they need to live for the Lord in godliness.  Each one of us can learn how to live each day in godliness by learning from the life of Jesus.


Praise the Lord that we have a risen Savior who knows what it means to live in a sinful world and strive for godliness.

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